Title:Traditional ecological knowledge for managing biosphere reserves in South and Central Asia
Author:Ramakrishnan, P.S.; Rai, R.K.; Katwal, R.P.S.
Imprint:New Delhi, Oxford & IBH Publishing, 2002
Publ Year:2002
Collation:536 p., illus.
Original Language:English
ISBN ISSN:81-204-1544-2
General notes:Incl. bibl. (Pub. with the financial assistance of UNESCO-New Delhi)
Main descriptors:biosphere reserves; nature conservation; environmental management; traditional knowledge; case studies; South Asia; Central Asia
Secondary descriptors:India; Iran, Islamic Republic; Mongolia; Pakistan; Nepal; Bhutan; Bangladesh; Sri Lanka
Identifiers:MAB Programme; TEK: Traditional Ecological Knowledge
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Document Type:Publication with UNESCO collaboration/sponsorship
Catalog Number:127005
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