Title:A Method of reducing classroom requirements in primary schools in Asia
Author:Srivastava, R.D.; Gupta, B.M.; Vickery, D.J.
Corporate author:Asian Regional Institute for School Building Research (Sri Lanka)
Imprint:Colombo, Asian Regional Institute for School Building Research, 1967
Country:Sri Lanka
Publ Year:1967
Collation:41 p., illus., map
Original Language:English
General notes:(Occasional paper: school building, no. 13). (Pub. with the financial assistance of UNESCO)
Main descriptors:school buildings; classrooms; primary schools; school size; building design; optimization; open plan schools; weather; case studies; India
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ROEA/3/13 English
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Document Type:Publication with UNESCO collaboration/sponsorship
Catalog Number:129943
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