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Title:CYANONET: a global network for Cyanobacterial bloom and toxin risk management; initial situation assessment and recommendations
Series:Technical documents in hydrology
Series (vol/issues):76
Author:Codd, G.A.; Azevedo, S.M.F.O.; Bagchi, S.N.; Burch, M.D.; Carmichael, Wayne W.; Harding, W.R.; Kaya, K.; Utkilen, H.C.
Publ Year:2005
Collation:138 p., maps
Original Language:English
Document code:SC.2005/WS/55
General notes:Incl. bibl.
Main descriptors:hydrological networks; aquatic plants; marine algae; toxicology; water quality; environmental health; Africa; Asia; Oceania; East Asia; North America; Europe; South America; Central America
Identifiers:IHP; IHP-VI; HAB: Harmful Algal Blooms
On line:Yes
Document Type:UNESCO document
Catalog Number:142557
Source code:scw

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