Title:Réformes et innovations éducatives en Afrique
Series:Expériences et innovations en éducation
Other lang. series issues:Experiments and innovations in education
Series (vol/issues):34
Corporate author:IBE
Imprint:Paris, UNESCO, 1977
Publ Year:1977
Collation:77 p.
Original Language:French
Other Lang. versions:English
ISBN ISSN:92-3-201560-9
Main descriptors:educational reform; educational innovations; education and development; Africa
Secondary descriptors:education and employment; work experience programmes; basic education; functional literacy; literacy programmes; mass education; rural education; curriculum development; textbook production; distance education; teaching; adult education; regional cooperation; information/library networks; East Africa; Senegal; Tanzania UR; Benin; Togo; Ethiopia; Somalia; Kenya
Identifiers:NEIDA: Network of Educational Innovation for Development in Africa
Conference:Conference of Ministers of Education of African Member States
Meetings (place):Lagos
Meetings (date):1976
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Document Type:UNESCO publication
Catalog Number:161342
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