Title:Neighbourhood movements, gender and social justice: the cultural reinvention of politics by women
Series:International social science journal
Series (vol/issues):LIX(59), 3/4 (193/194)
Author:Verschuur, Christine
Imprint:Sept. - Dec. 2008
Publ Year:2008
Collation:p. 409-420, illus.
Original Language:English
General notes:Incl. bibl.
Main descriptors:urban environment; gender roles; womens participation; womens organizations; social movements
Secondary descriptors:comparative analysis; Dominican Republic; Cuba; Burkina Faso; Bulgaria; Romania; Senegal; Argentina; Brazil
Identifiers:MOST: Management of Social Transformations
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On line:Yes (Restricted)
Document Type:UNESCO serial article
Catalog Number:185948
Source code:ss