Title:L'Education: un trésor est caché dedans, rapport à l'UNESCO de la Commission internationale sur l'éducation pour le vingt et unième siècle
Author:Delors, Jacques; Al Mufti, In'am; Amagi, Isao; Carneiro, Roberto; Chung, Fay; Geremek, Bronislaw; Gorham, William; Kornhauser, Aleksandra; Manley, Michael; Padrón Quero, Marisela; Savané, Marie Angélique; Singh, Karan; Stavenhagen, Roberto; Myong Won Suhr; Zhou Nanzhao
Corporate author:International Commission on Education for the Twenty-first Century
Imprint:Paris, UNESCO/Odile Jacob, 1996
Publ Year:1996
Collation:311 p.
Original Language:French
Other Lang. versions:Arabic, Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, Bengali, Catalan, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovene, Greek (modern)
ISBN ISSN:92-3-203274-0; 2-7381-0381-2
General notes:(Includes the mandate, list of members and advisers, and a report on the scope and work of the Commission)
Main descriptors:educational trends; education and development; democratization of education; educational relevance; educational quality; teaching profession
Secondary descriptors:globalization; participatory development; human development; lifelong education; basic education; higher education; teacher role; educational policy; educational cooperation; Africa; Asia and the Pacific; Latin America; Arab States; Europe
Identifiers:Twenty-first century
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