Title:1st World Festival of Negro Arts, Dakar, April 1-24, 1966: Colloquium: Function and Significance of African Negro Art in the Life of the People and for the People, March 30-April 8, 1966
Added Title:Colloquium on Negro Art
Corporate author:Society of African Culture
Imprint:Paris, Présence africaine, 1968
Publ Year:1968
Collation:599 p.
Original Language:English
Other Lang. versions:French
General notes:Incl. bibl. (Organized by the Society of African Culture S.A.C. with the co-operation of UNESCO, under the patronage of the Senegalese Government). (For vol. 2, see record 190153)
Main descriptors:African art
Secondary descriptors:customs and traditions; archaeology; sculpture; traditional music; oral tradition; aesthetics; painting; performing arts; architecture; handicrafts; preservation of works of art; cinema; African cultures; African literature
Meetings as subject:World Festival of Negro Arts, 1st, Dakar, 1966; Colloquium on the Function and Significance of Negro-African Art in the Life of the People and for the People, Dakar, 1966
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