Title:Skills-building for gender mainstreaming in HIV/AIDS: research and practice; seminar proceedings
Author:Prince, Bridgette; Pugh, Sarah; Kleintjes, Sharon
Imprint:Cape Town, HSRC Press, 2007
Country:South Africa
Publ Year:2007
Collation:80 p.
Original Language:English
ISBN ISSN:978-0-7969-2167-9
Main descriptors:health; medical sciences; AIDS; gender roles; AIDS education; educational policy; womens studies; Africa
Secondary descriptors:sexual abuse; sexual behaviour; poverty; empirical research; South Africa; Kenya; Swaziland; Senegal
Conference:Africa Conference of the Social Aspects of HIV/AIDS Research Alliance
Meeting session:3rd
Meetings (place):Dakar
Meetings (date):2005
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Document Type:Non-UNESCO book
Catalog Number:205067
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