Title:Libraries, archives, museums and new forms of adult education
Added Title:Lifelong learning in Europe
Imprint:Helsinki, 2004
Publ Year:2004
Collation:1 v.
Original Language:English
ISBN ISSN:1239-6826
General notes:(Lifelong learning in Europe, 9, 2004, no. 3)
Main descriptors:Musée; Bibliothèque; Activité culturelle; Société de l'information; Éducation permanente; Éducation des adultes; Éducation non formelle; Europe
Secondary descriptors:Bibliothéconomie; Service d'information; Besoin d'information; Violence; Femme; Irlande; Slovénie; Royaume-Uni
Meetings as subject:World Summit on the Information Society, Geneva, Switzerland, 2003
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