Title:Colindatul de ceata barbateasca
Corporate author:Moldova R. Ministerul Culturii; Comisia Nationala pentru Salvgardarea Patrimoniului Cultural Imaterial (Moldova R); Academia de Stiinte (Moldova R)
Imprint:Chisinau, Tipogr. Reclama SA, 2011
Country:Moldova R
Publ Year:2011
Collation:160 p., illus.
Original Language:Multilingual
Other Lang. versions:English, Romanian
ISBN ISSN:978-9975-105-49-1
General notes:Incl. bibl. (Summaries in English). (Pub. with the financial support of UNESCO Office Moscow)
Main descriptors:intangible cultural heritage; customs and traditions; oral tradition; vocal music; traditional music; feasts; men; Moldova R
Identifiers:Pilot Project on Making up Inventories of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Moldova
On line:Yes
Document Type:Publication with UNESCO collaboration/sponsorship
Catalog Number:211076
Source code:lib