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Title:Trade in higher education: the role of the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)
Series:Fundamentals of educational planning
Other lang. series issues:Principes de la planification de l'éducation
Series (vol/issues):95
Author:Tilak, Jandhyala B.G.
Corporate author:UNESCO. IIEP
Imprint:Paris, UNESCO-IIEP, 2011
Publ Year:2011; 2012
Collation:154 p.
Original Language:English
Other Lang. versions:French
Other lang. title:Marchandisation de l'enseignement supérieur: l'impact de l'Accord général sur le commerce des services (AGCS)
ISBN ISSN:978-92-803-1362-8 (eng); 978-92-803-2362-7 (fre)
General notes:Incl. bibl.
Main descriptors:higher education; market economy; international trade; globalization; study abroad; student mobility; teacher mobility; developing countries
Secondary descriptors:private education; educational costs
Identifiers:GATS: General Agreement on Trade in Services
Item available at:UNESCO Library
378 TRA
- UNESCO Archives
ED/IIEP/6/95 English; French
- IIEP Paris
TIL 33 English
Internet address:To order
On line:Yes
Document Type:UNESCO publication
Catalog Number:214997
Source code:xie

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