Title:Human ecology: consultancy reports on the Rendille Samburu and the role of women
Added Title:Factors related to stock ownership and population movements, and perception of land pressure and other environmental changes among the Rendille in Marsabit District; Human ecology: a study of environmental perception and modes of survival among Samburu in Kenya; The role of Rendille women
Author:Mburugu, E.K.; Ayiemba, Elias H.O.; Adu Bobie, Gemma J.
Publ Year:1981
Collation:161 p., illus., maps
Original Language:English
General notes:Incl. bibl. (Project 3: Impact of Human Activities and Land Use Practices on Grazing Lands). (IPAL technical report number F-2)
Main descriptors:soil degradation; desertification; livestock; land use; nomads; human ecology; environmental awareness; women; gender roles; Kenya
Identifiers:IPAL: Integrated Project in Arid Lands; MAB Programme; Rendille (Kenya); Samburu (Kenya); Marsabit District (Kenya)
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SC-1981/SANS COTE English
AG 6 Series 2
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Catalog Number:215113
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