Title:Tales of hope III: EFA-ESD linkages and synergies
Author:Guevara, Jose Roberto; Nagata, Yoshiyuki; Tomoko, Shibao
Corporate author:Asia-Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (Japan)
Imprint:Tokyo, ACCU, 2012
Publ Year:2012
Collation:217 p., illus.
Original Language:English
ISBN ISSN:978-4-946438-91-2
Main descriptors:education for sustainable development; nonformal education; right to education; participatory development; Asia and the Pacific
Secondary descriptors:womens rights; agriculture; disaster prevention; cultural property preservation; community development; Bhutan; Indonesia; Malaysia; Mongolia; Palau; Thailand; Viet Nam
Identifiers:United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development, 2005-2014
Conference:ACCU-UNESCO Experts Workshop for Promoting EFA-ESD synergy in Asia-Pacific, Chiang Rai, 2012
Meetings (place):Chiang Rai
Meetings (date):2012
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Document Type:Publication with UNESCO collaboration/sponsorship
Catalog Number:218465
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