Title:Report of findings
Author:Georgescu, Dakmara; Barnard, Jean; Do Thi Bich Loan; Kivekäs, Heidi
Corporate author:Viet Nam. Ministry of Education and Training
Imprint:Hanoi, Ministry of Education and Training, 2009
Country:Viet Nam
Publ Year:2012
Collation:48 p., illus.
Original Language:English
General notes:(Pub. with the assistance of UNESCO Office Hanoi and IBE)
Main descriptors:gender discrimination; gender roles; textbooks; Viet Nam
Conference:UN/Government of Viet Nam Joint Programme on Gender Equality National Textbook Review and analysis from a gender perspective
Meetings (place):Hanoi
Meetings (date):2009
Item available at:IBE Geneva
37.04-55(597) GEO English
Local holdings:hib
Document Type:Publication with UNESCO collaboration/sponsorship
Catalog Number:218492
Source code:hib