Title:Assessing the focus of national education financing policies on equity
Series:Background paper prepared for the 2016 Global education monitoring report, Education for people and planet: creating sustainable futures for all
Author:Makarova, Yuliya
Publ Year:2016
Collation:55 p.
Original Language:English
Document code:ED/GEMR/MRT/2016/P1/17
General notes:Incl. bibl. (Electronic version only)
Main descriptors:universal education; equal opportunity; educationally disadvantaged; educational policy; educational finance
Secondary descriptors:case studies; Congo DR; Georgia; Indonesia; Jamaica; Morocco; Netherlands; Peru; Poland; Samoa; Sri Lanka
Identifiers:SDG 4: Sustainable Development Goal 4; SABER: Systems Approach for Better Education Results
On line:Yes
Document Type:UNESCO document
Catalog Number:245619
Source code:ed