Title:"Archaeologizing" heritage? Transcultural entanglements between local social practices and global virtual realities; proceedings of the 1st International Workshop on Cultural Heritage and the Temples of Angkor, (Chair of Global Art History, Heidelberg University, 2-5 May 2010)
Author:Falser, Michael; Juneja, Monica
Imprint:Berlin, Springer, 2013
Publ Year:2013
Collation:287 p., illus., maps, plans
Original Language:English
ISBN ISSN:978-3-642-35869-2
General notes:Incl. bibl. (Transcultural research: Heidelberg studies on Asia and Europe in a global context)
Main descriptors:archaeology; cultural heritage; conceptualization; cultural history; digital heritage; preservation of monuments; restoration; temples; archaeological sites; case studies; Cambodia; Afghanistan; India
Identifiers:Angkor (Cambodia); Cultural Landscape and Archaeological Remains of the Bamiyan Valley (Afghanistan); Khmer Rouge (Cambodia)
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7.025(100) ARC
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