Title:Category 2 institutes and centres
Imprint:8 Aug. 2017
Publ Year:2017
Collation:52 p.
Original Language:English
Other Lang. versions:Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian, Spanish
Other lang. title:Instituts et centres de catégorie 2; Institutos y centros de categoría 2
Non latin titles:
Институты и центры категории 2 Часть XV Создание в Республике Корея международного центра в интересах документального наследия
Document code:202 EX/18 PART I A, B, C + CORR (+ADD, ADD.2) + PART II-VI (+ CORR.), VIII, IX, X, XI, XIII,XIV, XV, XVI
General notes:(Contents: pt.I. Renewals of category 2 institutes and centres. -pt.II. Establishment in Mexico of a regional centre on water security (CERSHI). -pt.III. Establishment in the Netherlands of an Institute for Water Education (IHE). -pt.IV. Establishment in Ukraine of the Junior Academy of Sciences. -pt.V. Establishment in Ghana of an institute of mathematical sciences. -pt.VI. Establishment in the Russian Federation of an international competence centre for mining-engineering education. -pt.VIII. Establishment in Iran of an international centre for health-related basic sciences and human nutrition. -pt.IX. Establishment in India of an international training centre on operational oceanography within the Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS). pt.X. Establishment in Kazakhstan of an international centre for the rapprochement of cultures. -pt.XI. Establishment in Austria of an international centre for the promotion of human rights at the local and regional levels. -pt.XIII. Establishment in Indonesia of a regional centre for human evolution, adaptations and dispersals in Southeast Asia (CHEADSEA). -pt.XIV. Establishment in China of a Centre for Teacher Education at Shanghai Normal University. -pt.XV. Establishment in the Republic of Korea of an international centre for documentary heritage. -pt.XVI. Establishment in China of an Associated Schools Project Network (ASPnet) International Centre)
Main descriptors:research centres; training centres; water resources management; oceanography; mining; human rights; medical sciences; prehistoric man; hydrology education; science education; mathematics education; intercultural communication; teacher education; Austria; India; Indonesia; Iran, Islamic Republic; Mexico; Russian Federation; Netherlands; Ukraine; Ghana; Kazakhstan; Korea R; China
Identifiers:HEADS: Human Evolution: Adaptations, Dispersals and Social Developments
Corp. bodies as subject:UNESCO--Institutes and Centres--Sponsored (category II); Regional Centre on Water Security (proposed); International Competence Centre for Mining-Engineering Education (proposed); International Centre for Health-related Basic Sciences and Human Nutrition (proposed); International Training Centre on Operational Oceanography (proposed); International Centre for the Promotion of Human Rights at the Local and Regional Levels (proposed); Regional Centre for Human Evolution, Adaptations and Dispersals in Southeast Asia (proposed); Institute for Water Education (proposed); Junior Academy of Sciences (proposed); Institute of Mathematical Sciences (proposed); International Centre for the Rapprochement of Cultures (proposed); International Centre for Documentary Heritage (proposed); International Centre for UNESCO ASPnet (proposed); Teacher Education Centre in Shanghai (proposed)
Conference:UNESCO. Executive Board
Meeting session:202nd
Meetings (date):2017
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