Title:Updated MOST Action Plan 2018-2019
Imprint:14 Feb. 2018
Publ Year:2018
Collation:15 p.
Original Language:English
Other Lang. versions:French
Other lang. title:Plan d'action MOST actualisé 2018-2019
Document code:MOST/IGC/BUREAU/2018/2
General notes:(Electronic version only)
Main descriptors:social programmes; programme planning; strategic planning
Identifiers:MOST: Management of Social Transformations
Corp. bodies as subject:UNESCO--Programme and budget, 2018-2019
Conference:Intergovernmental Council of the MOST Programme. Bureau
Meetings (place):Paris
Meetings (date):2018
On line:Yes
Document Type:UNESCO document
Catalog Number:261460
Source code:ssc