Title:The Image reflected by mass media: stereotypes; images of women
Added Title:Images of women in the media
Series:International Commission for the Study of Communication Problems
Other lang. series issues:Commission internationale d'étude des problèmes de la communication
Series (vol/issues):59bis
Author:Gallagher, Margaret
Corporate author:International Commission for the Study of Communication Problems
Publ Year:1980
Collation:27 p.
Original Language:English
Other Lang. versions:French
Other lang. title:Images refletées par les médias: stéréotypes
General notes:Incl. bibl.
Main descriptors:mass media; gender stereotypes; gender discrimination
Secondary descriptors:television programmes; radio programmes; programme content; communication research; press; advertising; North America; Latin America; Caribbean; Europe; Asia; Oceania; Africa
Microfiche no:81s0239 [eng-1mf, fre-1mf]
On line:Yes
Document Type:UNESCO document
Catalog Number:43179
Source code:ccw