Title:Proceedings of the Rome Symposium
Added Title:Actes du Colloque de Rome
Series:Arid zone research
Other lang. series issues:Recherches sur la zone aride; Investigaciones sobre la zona árida
Series (vol/issues):20
Corporate author:WMO
Imprint:Paris, UNESCO, 1963
Publ Year:1963
Collation:488 p., illus., maps
Original Language:Multilingual
Other Lang. versions:English, French
Document code:NS.62/III.25/AF
General notes:Incl. bibl.
Main descriptors:arid zones; climate change; climatology; meteorological data
Secondary descriptors:rain; sea level; Palaeolithic; palaeoclimatology; palaeontology; vegetation; South Africa; Europe; USA; Middle East; Atlantic Ocean; India; North Africa
Conference:Symposium on Changes of Climate with Special Reference to Arid Zones
Meetings (place):Rome
Meetings (date):1961
Item available at:UNESCO Library
551.583(252) SYM
- UNESCO Archives
Microfiche no:82m0120 [mul-6mf]
On line:Yes
Document Type:UNESCO publication
Catalog Number:69895
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