Title:Bangladesh: strengthening of the Planning Cell of the Ministry of Education; report of the evaluation mission
Author:Jalaluddin, A.K.; Sapra, C.L.; Daman Ala, S.M.
Corporate author:UNDP
Publ Year:1990
Collation:(79 p. in various pagings)
Original Language:English
Document code:CEU.E.14; BGD/82/048
Main descriptors:educational policy; educational planning; educational reform; government educational bodies; Bangladesh
Secondary descriptors:educational administrative structure; curriculum development; formal education; nonformal education; educational equipment; educational personnel training; fellowships; educational finance; project evaluation
Corp. bodies as subject:Bangladesh. Ministry of Education
Microfiche no:91s0441 [eng-1mf]
On line:Yes
Nature of contents:mission report:UNDP
Document Type:UNESCO document
Catalog Number:89725
Source code:bp