Title:The History of violence: homicide and suicide through the ages
Series:International social science journal
Other lang. series issues:Revue internationale des sciences sociales; Revista internacional de ciencias sociales
Series (vol/issues):XLIV, 2
Author:Chesnais, Jean Claude
Publ Year:1992
Collation:p. 217-234, illus.
Alt. collation:p. 217-235, illus.
Original Language:English
Other Lang. versions:French, Spanish
Other lang. title:Histoire de la violence: l'homicide et le suicide à travers les âges; Historia de la violencia: el homicido y el suicidio a través de la historia
General notes:Incl. bibl.
Main descriptors:violence; homicide; suicide; social history
Secondary descriptors:social values; moral values; customs and traditions; death penalty; comparative analysis; Europe; USA; Japan; UK
On line:Yes (Eng, Fre Restricted)
Document Type:UNESCO serial article
Catalog Number:91523
Source code:ss