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Holmstrom, J. Edwin
Rapport sur les dictionnaires scientifiques et techniques multilingues
Publ: 1951; 37 p.More
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Holmstrom, J. Edwin
Report on interlingual scientific and technical dictionaries
Publ: 1951; 33 p.More
Holmstrom, J. Edwin
Documentation in the Fisheries Biology Branch of the Food and Agriculture Organization
Publ: 1956; 29 p.*; WS/116.29.More
Holmstrom, J. Edwin
Principles and working procedure in technical translating
Publ: 1952; 5 p.; WS/052.64.More
Holmstrom, J. Edwin
Progress to date in the UNESCO programme for scientific terminology and dictionaries
Publ: 1951; 9 p.; WS/081.86/Bis.More
Union of International Engineering Organizations. Engineering Documentation and Dictionaries Committee; Paris; 1951
Holmstrom, J. Edwin
Projet d'ordre du jour
Draft agenda
Publ: 1951; (1 v. in various pagings)*; WS/081.86.More
Holmstrom, J. Edwin
Documentation plan for the Fisheries Biology Branch of the Food and Agriculture Organization
Publ: 1958; (11 p.)*; NS/Ter 1550/8228; WS/088.152.More
Holmstrom, J. Edwin
Proposals for UNESCO to sponsor the production of special dictionaries
Propositions tendant à placer sous le patronage de l'UNESCO la publication des dictionnaires spéciaux
Publ: 1950; (11 p.)*; NS/SL/2.More
Holmstrom, J. Edwin
Interlingual scientific and technical dictionaries; a report
Dictionnaires scientifiques et techniques en plusieurs langues (rapport)
Publ: 1949; (59 p.)*; NS/SL/1.More
International Advisory Committee on Bibliography. Bureau; Paris; 1959
International Advisory Committee on Documentation and Terminology in Pure and Applied Science; Paris; 1959
Holmstrom, J. Edwin
The Planning of UNESCO policy regarding terminology and translating
Élaboration de la politique de l'UNESCO en matière de terminologie et de traduction
Publ: 1959; 5 p.; LBA/CONF.21/6bis; NS/1158; WS/049.112.More
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