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Beynon, John; Médard, Robert
Elements for an educational plan: Seychelles - (mission) 1977-1981
Publ: 1978; 21 p. Annexes.More
Beynon, John
Masculinities and culture
Publ: 2002; 191 p.More
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Beynon, John
Adaptación de los locales escolares a la revolución de la educación
Perspectivas: revista trimestral de educación;
Publ: 1973; p. 111-116*.More
Beynon, John H.; U Ko Ko Aung; U Aung Toe; U Kyaw Tint; Duvieusart, Baudouin
Myanmar: the management process for constructing primary schools and providing school furniture
Publ: 2002; 49 p., illus., map, plans*.More
Beynon, John
Physical facilities for education: what planners need to know
Installations et bâtiments éducatifs: ce que les planificateurs doivent savoir
Fundamentals of educational planning; 57
Publ: 1997; 98 p.*.More
Almeida, Rodolfo; Beynon, John; Gennaoui, Antoine; Kolouh-Westin, Lidija; Uvalic-Trumbic, Stamenka
Review of the education system in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Publ: 1996; 93 p., illus., map*; ED.96/WS/18; UNDP/BiH/96/001.More
Seminar for Professors of Educational Planning (Economics) of the Regional Centres of UNESCO, IIEP/S12; Paris; 1967
Beynon, John
Educational architecture v. educational change
Educational costs and productivity: an IIEP seminar;
Publ: 1967; 5p.More
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Halim, Youssef; Beynon, John; Birkett, L.; Grasshoff, Klaus; Morcos, Selim A.; Siedler, G.
Research programmes and institutional requirements: People's Democratic Republic of Yemen
Publ: 1980; 67 p., illus., maps, plan; FMR/SC/OPS/80/235(IDB); IDB/703/PDY.40/Technical report.More
Beynon, John; Goodyear, Alan S.; Tochtermann, Wolf
Le Tremblement de terre aux Açores: l'Archipel des Açores - (mission)
Publ: 1980; (19 p. in various pagings), illus., plan*; FMR/SS/ENV/80/122; RP/1979-80/1/5.1/02/2/4/3/03/3/7/5/04/Rapport technique.More
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Beynon, John; Herman, Joseph
Planning Sana'a University: Yemen Arab Republic - (mission)
Assistance to Member States for the development of higher education;
Publ: 1978; 99 p., illus.; FMR/ED/HEP/78/109; RP/1977-78/1.171.6/Technical report.More
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