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Cedeño, Jonathan; Donoso, Maria C.
Atlas pluviométrico del Ecuador
Documento técnico del PHI-LAC; 21
Publ: 2010; 86 p., illus., maps*.More
Anjos, Nelson da Franco R. dos; Miletto, Michela; Aureli, Alice; Donoso, Maria C.; Puri, Shammy; Rivera, Alfonso; Van der Gun, Jac; Tujchneider, Ofelia
Sistemas acuíferos transfronterizos en las Américas: evaluación preliminar
Serie ISARM Américas; 1
Publ: 2007; 178 p., maps*.More
Anjos, Nelson da Franco R. dos; Stephan, Raya Marina; Donoso, Maria C.; González, Ariel; Castillo, Lilian del; Miletto, Michela; Aureli, Alice; Ugas, Lyda
Marco legal e institucional en la gestión de los sistemas acuíferos transfronterizos en las Américas
Serie ISARM Américas; 2
Publ: 2008; 120 p., maps*.More
Donoso, Maria C.; Vargas, Nara M.
Water interactions with energy, environment, food, and agriculture
Knowledge for sustainable development: an insight into the Encyclopedia of life support systems; 2
Publ: 2002; p. 229-241*.More
Donoso, Maria C.
Water resources for human use: a perspective in view of climate variability impacts
World Conference on Science: Science for the Twenty-first Century, a New Commitment;
Publ: 2000; p. 170-172*.More
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