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Dudley, Nigel; Stolton, Sue
Protected landscapes and wild biodiversity
Publ: 2012; 102 p., illus., maps.More
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Dudley, Nigel
Guidelines for applying protected area management categories
Publ: 2008; 86 p.More
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Dudley, Nigel
Authenticity in nature: making choices about the naturalness of ecosystems
Publ: 2011; 244 p., illus.More
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Stolton, Sue; Dudley, Nigel
Arguments for protected areas: multiple benefits for conservation and use
Publ: 2010; 273 p., illus.More
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Hockings, Marc; James, Robyn; Stolton, Sue; Dudley, Nigel; Mathur, Vinod; Makombo, John; Courrau, Jose; Parrish, Jeffrey
Enhancing our heritage toolkit: assessing management effectiveness of natural world heritage sites
Trousse à outils: amélioration de notre patrimoine, évaluer l'efficacité de la gestion des sites naturels du patrimoine mondial
World heritage series: papers; 23
Publ: 2008; 104 p., illus.*; WHC-2008/SEP/23 (Fre).More
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