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Carragher, Lucia; Golding, Barry
Older men as learners: Irish men's sheds as an intervention
Publ: 2015; p. 152-168.More
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Golding, Barry; Mark, Rob; Foley, Annette
Men learning through life
Publ: 2014; 272 p.More
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Golding, Barry
Shedding ideas about older men's learning
Publ: 2011; p. 119-124.More
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Golding, Barry
Researching men's sheds in community contexts in Australia: what does it suggest about adult education for older men?
Publ: 2008; p. 17-33.More
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Falk, Ian; Golding, Barry; Balatti, Josephine
Building communities: ACE, lifelong learning and social capital; an anthology of word protratits reporting research conducted for the Adult, Community and Further Education Board
Publ: 2000; 90 p.More
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Golding, Barry Goanna
Social, local, and situated: recent findings about effectiveness of older men's informal learning in community contexts
Publ: 2011; p. 103-120.More
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