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Latchem, Colin; Walker, David
Telecentres: case studies and key issues: management, operations, applications, evaluation
Publ: 2001; 256 p., illus.More
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Latchem, Colin
Using ICTs and blended learning in transforming technical and vocational education and training
Perspectives on open and distance learning;
Publ: 2017; 231 p.*.More
Latchem, Colin; Jung, Insung
Distance and blended learning in Asia
Publ: 2009; 266 p.More
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Latchem, Colin; Hanna, Donald E.
Leadership for 21st century learning: global perspectives from educational innovators
Publ: 2001; 269 p.More
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Robinson, Bernadette; Latchem, Colin
Teacher education through open and distance learning
Publ: 2003; 251 p.More
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