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Boojh, Ram; Ramakrishnan, P.S.; Chandrashekara, U.M.; Depommier, Denise; Patnaik, Suprava; Toky, O.P.; Gangwar, A.K.; Gangwar, Rashmi
One sun, two worlds: an ecological journey
Publ: 2005; 286 p., illus.More
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University Education on Integrated Approaches to Mountain Natural Resource Management; Shillong, India; 2002
Ramakrishnan, P.S.; Saxena, K.G.; Patnaik, Suprava; Singh, Surendra
Methodological issues in mountain research: a socio-ecological systems approach
Publ: 2003; xiii, 283 p., illus.More
Patnaik, Suprava
Conservation Assessment and Management Planning Workshop for Non Timber Forest Products in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve; report
Publ: 2002; 1 v., map.More
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Patnaik, Suprava; Dubey, Parag; Suraya, T.
Conservation and sustainable utilisation including community based enterprise development of non timber forest products in Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve; report
Publ: 2002; 110 p., illus., map.More
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