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Pise, Sameer; Muco, Christian; Belyukova, Anastasia
Performance audit of official travel
Publ: 2017; 6 p.; IOS/AUD/2017/08.More
Pise, Sameer; Muco, Christian; Beltyukova, Anastasia
Audit of the correspondence management system and related process
Publ: 2017; 5 p.; IOS/AUD/2017/02 REV.More
Pise, Sameer; Clemitson, Dawn
Audit of the UNESCO Cluster Office in New Delhi
Publ: 2016; 6 p.; IOS/AUD/2016/07.More
Pise, Sameer; Muco, Christian
Quality self-assessment with independent validation: UNESCO's Internal Audit Service
Publ: 2016; 15 p.*; IOS/AUD/2016/06.More
Pise, Sameer; Clemitson, Dawn
Audit of the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Education for Peace and Sustainable Development
Publ: 2016; 7 p.; IOS/AUD/2016/03.More
Pise, Sameer; Clemitson, Dawn
Audit of UNESCO's Resource Mobilization Strategy and Framework
Publ: 2015; 7 p.; IOS/AUD/2015/08.More
Pise, Sameer; Clemitson, Dawn
Audit of UNESCO's Office in Phnom Penh
Publ: 2015; 6 p.; IOS/AUD/2015/04.More
Nordby, Craig; Pise, Sameer; Clemitson, Dawn
IOS observations on UNESCO's monitoring processes
Publ: 2014; 15 p.*; IOS/AUD/2014/PTT/01.More
No full text
Pise, Sameer; Ruotsalainen, Mikko
Internal audit memorandum: delegations of email access
Publ: 2014; 1 p.; IOS/AUD/2014/Memo.108.More
No full text
Pise, Sameer; Tumurbaatar, Oyuna; Granier, Daniel
Internal audit memorandum: management of additional appropriations
Publ: 2014; 4 p.; IOS/AUD/2014/Memo.061.More
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