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Tuijnman, Albert C.
Adult education and the quality of life
International review of education; XXXVI, 3
Publ: 1990; p. 283-298, illus.*.More
Tuijnman, Albert; Boudard, Emmanuel
Adult education participation in North America: international perspectives; International Adult Literacy Survey
Publ: 2001; 83 p.More
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Tuijnman, Albert
Adult education and earnings: a 45-year longitudinal study of 834 Swedish men
Publ: 1988; p. 423-437.More
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Hasan, Abrar; Tuijnman, Albert
Linking education and work
Publ: 1996; p. 14-18.More
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Leuven, Edwin; Tuijnman, Albert
Lifelong learning: who pays?
Publ: 1996; p. 10-14.More
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Tuijnman, Albert
Monitoring adult education, with special reference to Sweden
Publ: 1987; 46 p.More
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Tuijnman, Albert; Kirsch, Irwin S.; Wagner, Daniel A.
Adult basic skills: innovations in measurement and policy analysis
Publ: 1997; 360 p.More
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Tuijnman, Albert
Literacy thresholds in comparative perspective
Publ: 1996; 29 p.More
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Tuijnman, Albert; van der Kamp, Max
Learning across the lifespan: theories, research, policies
Publ: 1992; 263 p.More
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Tuijnman, Albert
The emerging welfare society: Sweden 1930s - 1980s
University of Stockholm. Institute of International Education. Reports; 86
Publ: 1990; 36 p., tables.More
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