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Valentine, Thomas
Adult functional literacy as a goal of instruction
Publ: 1986; p. 108-113.More
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Hayes, Elisabeth Ruth; Valentine, Thomas
The Functional literacy needs of low-literate adult basic education students
Publ: 1990; p. 1-14.More
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Beder, Hal W.; Valentine, Thomas
Motivational profiles of adult basic education students
Publ: 1990; p. 78-94.More
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Messemer, Jonathan E.; Valentine, Thomas
The Learning gains of male inmates participating in a basic skills program
Publ: 2004; p. 67-89.More
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Valentine, Thomas; Darkenwald, Gordon G.
Deterrents to participation in adult education: profiles of potential learners
Publ: 1990; p. 29-42.More
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