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Ghassemi, Fereidoun; White, Ian
Inter-basin water transfer: case studies from Australia, United States, Canada, China and India
International hydrology series;
Publ: 2007; 435 p., maps.More
Morgan, John; White, Ian
The Integration of migrants in Europe: the role of higher and further education
Publ: 2015; p. 34-37.More
Library Catalogue
Morgan, John; White, Ian
A Post-2015 development priority: the importance of higher education for international development
Publ: 2015; p. 39-41.More
Library Catalogue
Morgan, John; White, Ian
Reconciling society, state and market: education for global development
Publ: 2014; p. 38-41.More
Library Catalogue
Morgan, John; White, Ian
Looking backward to see ahead: the Faure and the Delors reports and the post-2015 development agenda
Publ: 2013; p. 40-43.More
Library Catalogue
Bonnerjee, Sobhanlal; Cann, Anne; Koethe, Harald; Lammie, David; Lieven, Geerinck; Muskatirovic, Jasna; Ndala, Benjamin; Pauli, Gernot; White, Ian
Inland waterborne transport: connecting countries
World Water Assessment Programme side publications series: insights;
Publ: 2009; 36 p., illus., maps*.More
White, Ian
Water management in the Mekong Delta: changes, conflicts and opportunities
Technical documents in hydrology; 61
Publ: 2002; 75 p.*; SC.2002/WS/47.More
White, Ian; Falkland, Tory; Crennan, L.; Jones, P.; Metutera, T.; Etuati, B.; Metai, E.
Groundwater recharge in low coral islands: Bonriki, South Tarawa, Kiribati; issues, traditions and conflicts in groundwater use and management
Technical documents in hydrology; 25
Publ: 1999; 37 p., maps*; SC.99/WS/49.More
White, Ian; Falkland, Tony; Scott, David
Droughts in small coral islands: case study, South Tarawa, Kiribati
Technical documents in hydrology; 26
Publ: 1999; 55 p.*; SC.99/WS/50.More
White, Ian
Fresh groundwater lens recharge, Bonriki, Kiribati: preliminary report
Technical documents in hydrology; 5
Publ: 1996; 34 p.*; SC.96/WS/49; IHP/V/PROJ. 6-1.More
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