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Williams, Tim
The Silk Roads: an ICOMOS thematic study
Publ: 2014; 152 p., illus., maps.More
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Williams, Tim
Final technical report on the results of the UNESCO/Korean Funds-in-Trust project: Support for the Preparation for the World Heritage Serial Nomination of The Silk Roads in South Asia, 2013-2016
Publ: 2016; 118 p., illus., maps.More
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Williams, Tim
Ancient Merv: queen of cities
L'Ancienne Merv: la reine des villes
Antiguo Merv: la reina de las ciudades
World heritage review; 24
Publ: 2002; p. 4-15, illus., map.More
Williams, Tim Guyse
BBC world service glossary of current affairs
Publ: 1991; 813 p.More
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