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Primary and village school buildings and teachers' houses: a report to H.E. the Minister of Education of the Republic of Afghanistan
Publ: 1973; 140 p., illus.; BKB/73/RTRHD/616-100.More
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UNESCO Regional Planning Seminar and Workshop on Special Education; Coimbatore, India; 1985
Educating the disabled: report
Publ: 1987; 79 p.; BKR/86/OPE/503-750.More
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Sinnamon, Ian T.; Loo, G.A. van't
Cyclone-resistant rural primary school construction: a design guide
Educational building reports; 7
Publ: 1977; 60 p., illus.; BKB/77/OP/610-2500.More
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A Primary school design workbook for humid Asia
Occasional papers: school building; 12
Publ: 1966; p.More
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The Shading of school buildings in South-East Asia: sun shading diagrams
Protection contre le soleil dans les b√Ętiments scolaires en Asie du Sud-Est: diagrammes de protection contre le soleil
Occasional papers: school building; 2
Publ: 1963; (1 v. in various pagings), illus.More
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Soriano, Domingo
Primary school buildings in Asia: administration facilities and programmes
Occasional papers: school building; 10
Publ: 1966; 62 p.More
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Soriano, Domingo
School building development group work
Occasional papers: school building; 11
Publ: 1966; 31 p.More
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Winant, Rooskandar
Environmental control in school buildings through planting
Occasional papers: school building; 9
Publ: 1964; 8 p., illus.More
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Vickery, D.J.
A Comparative study of multi-purpose rooms in educational buildings
Occasional papers: school building; 7
Publ: 1964; p., illus.More
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Santos, Teodoro V.; Bautista, Francisco V.; Ricafort, Lazaro B.
Comparative anthropometric data, E: For use in Philippine schools
Occasional papers: school building; 8
Publ: 1964; 10 p., illus.More
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