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UNESCO. Executive Board; 205th; 2018
Draft cooperation agreement between UNESCO and the International Conference of Asian Political Parties
Projet d'accord de coopération entre l'UNESCO et la Conférence internationale des partis politiques asiatiques
Proyecto de acuerdo de cooperación entre la UNESCO y la Conferencia Internacional de Partidos Políticos de Asia
Проект соглашения о сотрудничестве между ЮНЕСКО и Международной конференцией азиатских политических партий
مشروع اتفاق التعاون بين اليونسكو والمؤتمر الدولي للأحزاب السياسية الآسيوية
Publ: 2018; 5 p.; 205 EX/37.More
Egetenmeyer, Regina; Guimaraes, Paula; Németh, Balázs
Joint modules and internationalisation in higher education: reflections on the joint module "Comparative studies in adult education and lifelong learning"
Publ: 2017; 196 p.More
Library Catalogue
Report of the UNESCO Category 2 Regional Education and Research Centre on Oceanography for West Asia (RCOWA), 2016-2017
Publ: 2018; 24 p., illus.*; IOC/INF-1355.More
Rahman, A.F.M.K.
Educational developments in Asia
International review of education; 8, 3-4
Publ: 1963; p. 257-275*.More
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Reid, Struan
Exploration à travers les mers et les océans
Silk and spice routes series;
Publ: 1993; 47 p., illus., maps.More
Sanz, Nuria
The Origins of food production; Los Orígenes de la producción de alimentos
Publ: 2016; 340 p., illus., maps*.More
Murphy, Erica
Country commitments to gender equality in education
Background paper prepared for the 2018 Global education monitoring report gender review: Meeting our commitments to gender equality in education;
Publ: 2018; 43 p.*; ED/GEMR/MRT/2018/P1/27 REV.2.More
CON-NEXUS: le bulletin de suivi de la 5ème Conférence internationale sur l'éducation des adultes, Hambourg, juillet 1997
Library Catalogue
Between economic growth and social exclusion: the Asian paradox
Entre croissance économique et exclusion sociale: le paradoxe asiatique
Entre el crecimiento económico y la exclusión social: la paradoja de Asia
EFA 2000: Education for All; 25
Publ: 1996; 8 p., illus.More
Groundwater: shared resources for all
Publ: 2017; 12 p., illus.*; TH/DOC/NS/17/026-8000.More
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