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Samaroo, Brinsley
The Immigrant communities
General history of the Caribbean; 4
Publ: 2011; p. 223-258*.More
Gumbert, Edgar B.
Different people: studies in ethnicity and education
Publ: 1983; 99 p.More
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Brockmeier, Jens
Localising oneself: autobiographical remembering, cultural memory, and the Asian American experience
International social science journal; LXII (62), 1/2 (203/204)
Publ: 2011; p. 121-133*.More
Matthews, Tony
Parosi: a BBC contribution to language learning in the Asian community
Publ: 1978; 35 p., illus.More
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Guanche, Jesús
La Fundación Fernando Ortiz y la presencia asiática en Cuba
Oralidad; 15
Publ: 2008; p. 73-74, illus.*.More
Temime, Emile; Deguigné, Nathalie
Le Camp du Grand Arénas, Marseille, 1944-1966
Publ: 2001; 157 p., illus., plans.More
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Deshpande, Sudhanva
Grannie doesn't skip a bhangra beat
Le Bhangra: fierté de la jeunesse indienne
La Abuela experta en bhangra
The UNESCO courier; 53, 7
Publ: 2000; p. 49-50, illus.*.More
Otchet, Amy; Pandit G
Asian overground
ADF: ni exotique, ni éthique, mais politique
Crónica de una diáspora
The UNESCO courier; 53, 7
Publ: 2000; p. 47-48, illus.*.More
Daniels, Harry; Garner, Philip
Inclusive education; World yearbook of education, 1999
Publ: 1999; 268 p.More
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Ancheta, Angelo N.
Race, rights, and the Asian American experience
Publ: 1998; 209 p.More
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