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Comings, John P.
Literacy and the sustainable development goals: from agenda to action
Prospects: quarterly review of comparative education; XLVII(47), 3 / 181
Publ: 2017; p. 163-304.More
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Tibbitts, Felisa; Katz, Susan Roberta
Dilemmas and hopes for human rights education
Prospects: quarterly review of comparative education; XLVII(47), 1-2 / 180
Publ: 2017; p. 1-162.More
Aronson, Alex
Tagore's educational ideals
International review of education; 7, 4
Publ: 1961; p. 385-393*.More
Okada, Amina
Faces of the divine: holy sites in India
Visages du divin: sites sacrés en Inde
Rostros de lo divino: lugares sagrados de la India
World heritage review; 4
Publ: 1997; p. 4-15, illus.*.More
Swaminathan, M.S.
Agriculture, food security and employment: changing times, uncommon opportunities
Agriculture, sécurité alimentaire et emploi: mille perspectives nouvelles
Nature and resources; 31, 1
Publ: 1995; p. 2-15, illus.*.More
Tilak, Jandhyala B.G.
Education and structural adjustment
Education et ajustement structurel
Educación y ajuste estructural
Prospects: quarterly review of education; XXII, 4
Publ: 1992; p. 407-422*.More
Food systems: modern technology, transnationalization, regional and national situations
Systèmes alimentaires: technologie moderne, transnationalisation, situations régionales et nationales
International social science journal; XXXVII (37), 3 (105)
Publ: 1985; p. 286-414, illus.*.More
Zachariah, Mathew; Hoffman, Arlene
Gandhi and Mao on manual labour in the school: a retrospective analysis
International review of education; XXXI, 3
Publ: 1985; p. 265-282*.More
Natural products: what they mean in everyday life
Les Substances naturelles et notre vie quotidienne
Impact of science on society; 136
Publ: 1984; p. 309-398, illus.*.More
Devadas, Rajammal P.
Nutrition education
L'Éducation nutritionnelle
La Enseñanza de la nutrición
Prospects: quarterly review of education; XI, 1
Publ: 1981; p. 3-12*.More
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