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Hanemann, Ulrike; McCaffery, Juliet; Newell-Jones, Katy; Scarpino, Cassandra
Aprendendo juntos entre gerações: orientações para programas de alfabetização e de aprendizagem em família
Publ: 2017; 185 p., illus.*.More
Rusitoru, Mihaela Viorica
Le Droit à l'éducation et les politiques éducatives: Union européenne et Roumanie
Publ: 2017; 257 p.More
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Mai, Nicola
Marginalized young (male) migrants in the European Union: caught between the desire for autonomy and the priorities of social protection
Migrating alone: unaccompanied and separated children's migration to Europe;
Publ: 2010; p. 69-89*.More
García Chevesich, Pablo; Neary, Daniel G.; Scott, David F.; Benyon, Richard G.; Reyna, Teresa
Forest management and the impact on water resources: a review of 13 countries
Technical document IHP-LAC; 37
Publ: 2017; 197 p., illus., maps*.More
Le Guide vert: Roumanie
Publ: 2016; 471 p., illus., maps.More
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Kopcanová, Dagmar
Equal access to quality education for children from socially disadvantaged settings: Bratislava, Slovakia, March 13-14, 2008
Publ: 2008; 130 p., illus.More
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Duvekot, Ruud; Halba, Bénédicte
Personalising VPL: validation of prior learning as a multi-targeted approach for access to higher education
Publ: 2015; 67 p.More
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Hainard, François; Verschuur, Christine
Empoderamiento de las mujeres en las crisis urbanas: género, medio ambiente y barrios marginados
Publ: 2001; 224 p.More
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Conference of Parties to the International Convention against Doping in Sport; 5th; Paris; 2015
Vajiala, Graziela
Feedback report on the Anti-Doping Policy Advice Project: country assessment report; Romania
Publ: 2015; 52 p.*; ICDS/5CP/INF.11.More
Hollanders, Hugo; Kanerva, Minna
European Union: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, UK
Union européenne: Allemagne, Autriche, Belgique, Bulgarie, Chypre, Croatie, Danemark, Espagne, Estonie, Finlande, France, Grèce, Hongrie, Irlande, Italie, Lettonie, Lituanie, Luxembourg, Malte, Pays-Bas, Pologne, Portugal, République tchèque, Roumanie, Royaume-Uni, Slovaquie, Slovénie, Suède
UNESCO science report: towards 2030;
Publ: 2015; p. 231-271, maps*.More
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