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Projects to be considered by the Bureau
Publ: 2018; 22 p., illus.*; CI-18/BUR.62/10.More
Thematic debate for IPDC Council
Débat thématique du Conseil du PIDC
Publ: 2018; 2 p.; CI-18/BUR.62/13.More
IFAP Strategic Plan 2017-2021
Plan stratégique du PIPT (2017-2021)
Publ: 2017; 18 p.*; 2017-IFAP/SP/1.More
Trends in media pluralism
World trends in freedom of expression and media development: global report 2017/2018;
Publ: 2018; p. 66-100, illus.*.More
Trends in media freedom
World trends in freedom of expression and media development: global report 2017/2018;
Publ: 2018; p. 30-65, illus.*.More
World Open Educational Resources Congress; 2nd; Ljubljana; 2017
2nd World OER Congress: Ljubljana OER Action Plan
2e Congrès mondial sur les REL: Plan d'action de Ljubljana sur les REL
Segundo Congreso Mundial sobre los REA: Plan de Acción sobre los REA
خطة عمل ليوبليانا بشأن الموارد التعليمية المفتوحة
Publ: 2017; 6 p.; CI/KSD/ICT/2017/ME/H/1.More
As Pedras angulares para a promoção de sociedades do conhecimento inclusivas: acesso à informação e ao conhecimento, liberdade de expressão, privacidade, e ética na Internet global
Publ: 2017; 121 p.*.More
Las Piedras angulares para la promoción de sociedades del conocimiento inclusivas: acceso a la información y al conocimiento, libertad de expresión, privacidad y ética en la Internet global
Publ: 2017; 123 p.*.More
Castillo, Nathan M.; Vosloo, Steven
3-2-1 Service: case study by UNESCO-Pearson Initiative for Literacy
Publ: 2017; 18 p., illus.*; ED/PLS/YLS/2017/12.More
Information for All Programme: consolidating information and knowledge societies; empowering peoples and nations
Programme Information pour tous: consolider les sociétés de l'information et du savoir, autonomiser les peuples et les nations
برنامج المعلومات للجميع: تعزيز مجتمعات المعلومات والمعرفة - تمكين الشعوب والأمم
Publ: 2017; 15 p., illus.*; CI-2017/WS/11 (Eng); CI-2017/WS/13 (Fre); CI-2018/WS/1 (Rus; Ara, Chi).More
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