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Allen, Dwight William; Anzalone, Stephen J.
Basic needs: new approach to development, but new approach to education?
International review of education; XXVII, 3
Publ: 1981; p. 227-245*.More
Devadas, Rajammal P.
Nutrition education
L'Éducation nutritionnelle
La Enseñanza de la nutrición
Prospects: quarterly review of education; XI, 1
Publ: 1981; p. 3-12*.More
Mallmann, Carlos A.
Moving towards synergy
Objectif synergie
Impact of science on society; XXVII, 3
Publ: 1977; p. 253-258*.More
No full text
Inter-sectoral basic needs assessment mission to Cambodia, 15 January - 8 February 1991: report
Publ: 1991; (1 v. in various pagings).More
Ten basic human needs and their satisfaction
Publ: 1981; 65 p.More
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Galtung, Johan
Agrarian reform and rural development: a perspective and some theses
Publ: 1980; 43 p.More
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Mukherjee, Ramkrishna
The Quality of life: valuation in social research
Publ: 1989; 248 p.More
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Calude, Cristian
Mathematical paths in the study of human needs
Publ: 1981; 82 p.More
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Jamal says: others are also in need... be thoughtful of them
Publ: 1983; 1 poster.More
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Cornia, Giovanni Andrea; Jolly, Richard; Stewart, Frances
Anpassung mit menschlichem Gesicht: Wege aus der Schuldenkrise
Publ: 1989; 408 p.More
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