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Recognition, validation and accreditation of youth and adult basic education as a foundation of lifelong learning
Publ: 2018; 33 p.*.More
Thomas, R. Murray
Education law as a mirror of maturity: the Indonesian case
International review of education; XXXVI, 1
Publ: 1990; p. 7-19*.More
Karpen, Ulrich
Constitutional problems concerning admission to institutions of higher education: questions relevant to a German-American comparison
International review of education; XXIV, 1
Publ: 1978; p. 3-20*.More
Federal adult education: a legislative history, 1964-2013
Publ: 2013; 103 p., illus.More
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Murphy, Erica
Country commitments to gender equality in education
Background paper prepared for the 2018 Global education monitoring report gender review: Meeting our commitments to gender equality in education;
Publ: 2018; 43 p.*; ED/GEMR/MRT/2018/P1/27 REV.2.More
Revisión de las políticas públicas del sector de educación en Perú
Publ: 2017; 122 p.*; ED-2017/WS/47.More
Rusitoru, Mihaela Viorica
Le Droit à l'éducation et les politiques éducatives: Union européenne et Roumanie
Publ: 2017; 257 p.More
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Löffler, Cordula; Korfkamp, Jens; Schönfelder, Mandy
Handbuch zur Alphabetisierung und Grundbildung Erwachsener
Publ: 2016; 466 p.More
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Santini, Delphine
Operationalizing Sustainable Development Goal 4: a review of national legislations on the right to education
Opérationnaliser l'Objectif de développement durable 4: examen des législations nationales sur le droit à l'éducation
Publ: 2017; 28 p.*; ED/EO/DEE/2017/02 REV.More
Inclusive education and accountability mechanisms
Background paper prepared for the 2017/8 Global education monitoring report, Accountability in education: meeting our commitments;
Publ: 2017; 28 p.*; ED/GEMR/MRT/2017/P1/19.More
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