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Shah, S.Y.; Choudhary, K.C.
International dimensions of adult and lifelong learning: James A.Draper & Roby Kidd memorial lectures
Publ: 2016; 165 p.More
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Freire, Paulo
Pedagogy of the heart
Publ: 2016; 89 p.More
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Educación fundamental: ideario, principios, orientaciones metodológicas
Publ: 1952; 127 p.More
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Steuten, Ulrich; Korfkamp, Jens
Ein Leben ohne Schrift - Stigma oder Utopie?: die sich wandelnde Schriftkultur im Zeichen steigender Illiteralität
Publ: 2018; p. 128-131.More
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Kahn, Pierre
Louis Legrand et la recherche en éducation: perspectives historiques et philosophiques
Publ: 2018; p. 7-104.More
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Choi, Jinhee; Kim, Junghwan
Dancing between Nordic and neoliberal: lifelong learning in South Korea
Publ: 2018; p. 5-17.More
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Whitty, Geoff; Furlong, John
Knowledge and the study of education: an international exploration
Publ: 2017; 288 p.More
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Higgins, Steve; Coffield, Frank
John Dewey's democracy and education: a British tribute
Publ: 2016; 178 p.More
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Nuissl, Ekkehard
Erwachsenenbildung 2030 - visionär: der Mid-Term-Review in Suwon
Publ: 2018; p. 40-42.More
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Vieira do Nascimento, Daniele; Valdés-Cotera, Raúl
Promoting lifelong learning for all: the experiences of Ethiopia, Kenya, Namibia, Rwanda and the United Republic of Tanzania
UIL publication series on lifelong learning policies and strategies; 5
Publ: 2018; 58 p., illus.*.More
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