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Dorenkamp, Isabelle; Süß, Stefan
Work-life conflict among young academics: antecedents and gender effects; European journal of higher education
Publ: 2017; p. 402-423.More
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Gordon, Sheila C.; Arenstein, Benjamin
Interfaith education: a new model for today's interfaith families
International review of education: journal of lifelong learning; 63, 2
Publ: 2017; p. 169-195*.More
Kaplan, Matthew; Sanchez, Mariano; Hoffman, Jaco
Intergenerational pathways to a sustainable society
Publ: 2017; 192 p.More
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Seminar über "Neue Karrieren - neue Lebenswege: die Lebensgestaltung im Wandel von Arbeitswelt, Familie und Freizeit"; Emmetten, Switzerland; 1988
Publ: 1989; 121 p.More
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Bohen, Halcyone H.; Viveros-Long, Anamaria
Balancing jobs and family life: do flexible work schedules help?
Publ: 1981; 336 p., illus., tables.More
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Sysiharju, Anna Liisa
Intergenerational contacts and urban family life among women and men of different ages in a rapidly changing society
Publ: 1984; 38 p.More
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Pence, Alan R.
Ecological research with children and families: from concepts to methodology
Publ: 1988; 240 p.More
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Anderson, Nels
Recherches sur la famille: v. 3; séminaires 1956 et 1957 du Séminaire international de recherche sur la famille et de l'Institut UNESCO des Sciences Sociales, Cologne;Studies of the family; Untersuchungen über die Familie
Publ: 1958; 322 p.More
Packard, Vance
Our endangered children: growing up in a changing world
Publ: 1983; 383 p.More
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Neill, Alexander Sutherland
The Problem family
Publ: 1950; 160 p.More
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