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The Revolution in health care: new attitudes to old approaches
Une Révolution dans les soins de santé: nouvelles attitudes envers des pratiques anciennes
Impact of science on society; 143
Publ: 1986; p. 227-319, illus.*.More
Gill, Derek G.; Twaddle, Andrew C.
Medical sociology: what's in a name?
La Sociologie médicale: que recouvre ce terme?
International social science journal; XXIX, 3
Publ: 1977; p. 369-385*.More
Häussler, Siegfried
Rational use of health resources, 1; comment
L'Utilisation rationnelle des ressources sanitaires, 1: présentation
Impact of science on society; XXV, 3
Publ: 1975; p. 175-180*.More
Sissakian, Norajr Martirosovich
International co-operation in the biological sciences
La Coopération internationale dans le domaine des sciences biologiques
Impact of science on society; XII, 3
Publ: 1962; p. 145-156*.More
UNESCO country strategy for the Islamic Republic of Iran 2017-2021
Publ: 2017; 12 p., illus.*; TEH/2017/PI/1.More
Gable, Lance
Legal aspects of HIV/AIDS: a guide for policy and law reform
Publ: 2007; 225 p.More
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Food security and health: policy brief by the Scientific Advisory Board of the UN Secretary-General
Publ: 2016; 8 p.; SC/SAB/2016/F.More
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Krech, Rüdiger
Universal health coverage as a powerful social equalizer; postcard
World social science report, 2016: challenging inequalities, pathways to a just world;
Publ: 2016; p. 239-240*.More
O'Neill, Onora
Justice across boundaries: whose obligations?
Publ: 2016; 243 p.More
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World health report, 2010: Health systems financing, the path to universal coverage
Publ: 2010; 106 p., illus.More
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