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Christie, Nils
Research into methods of crime prevention
Recherches sur les méthodes de prévention de la criminalité
International social science journal; XVIII, 2
Publ: 1966; p. 139-150*.More
Mai, Nicola
Marginalized young (male) migrants in the European Union: caught between the desire for autonomy and the priorities of social protection
Migrating alone: unaccompanied and separated children's migration to Europe;
Publ: 2010; p. 69-89*.More
Fuchs, Eckhardt
From punishment to education: the international debate on juvenile penal reform before World War I
Prospects: quarterly review of comparative education; XLV(45), 1 / 173
Publ: 2015; p. 113-126*.More
Asian-Pacific Conference on Juvenile Delinquency; 3rd; San José, USA; 1984
Proceedings of the third Asian-Pacific Conference on Juvenile Delinquency
Publ: 1984; 359 p.More
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Wall, William Douglas
The Educational aspects of delinquency
International review of education; 1,4
Publ: 1955; p. 413-431*.More
Cerón Steevens, Karen Nathalia
¿Hijos de la guerra o huérfanos del estado? Un estudio sobre la violencia juvenil en las maras guatemaltecas, 1985-2011
Publ: 2013; 205 p.More
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Timm, Helga
Jugendgefährdung und Schule
International review of education; 7, 1
Publ: 1961; p. 52-62*.More
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Juventude, violência e cidadania: pesquisa coordenada pela UNESCO
Publ: 1997; 165 p.More
O'Brien, Natalie; Langhinrichsen-Rohling, Jennifer; Shelley-Tremblay, John
Reading problems, attentional deficits and current mental health status in adjudicated adolescent males
Publ: 2007; p. 293-315.More
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Exemple de bonne pratique: le centre de détention de Wiesbaden
Publ: 2006; p. 20.More
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