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Abid, Abdelaziz
Preserving and sharing access to our documentary heritage
Publ: 2011; 13 p.*; CI/MOW/2011/5.More
Opertti, Renato; Kang, Hyekyung; Magni, Giorgia
Global citizenship education tools and piloting experiences of four countries: Cambodia, Colombia, Mongolia and Uganda
Current and critical issues in curriculum, learning and assessment; 19
Publ: 2018; 59 p.*; IBE/2018/WP/CD/19.More
Han, Junhi
Sustainable development and world heritage for local communities
Publ: 2018; 25 p., illus.*; CLT/2018/BROCHURE/H/1.More
Gompf, Gundi
The Early Start of English: recent trends and new directions in the Federal Republic of Germany
International review of education; XXXII, 1
Publ: 1986; p. 3-22*.More
Schwebel, Milton
Facilitating cognitive development
Comment faciliter le développement cognitif
Cómo facilitar el desarrollo cognoscitivo
Prospects: quarterly review of education; XV, 2
Publ: 1985; p. 155-172*.More
Morales Zavala, Hector Luis
Rural development, science and political decision-making: diverging or converging tendencies?
Développement rural, science et pouvoir politique: divergences ou convergences?
Impact of science on society; XXX, 3
Publ: 1980; p. 167-177, illus.*.More
Réunion sur les Mouvements de population et les systèmes d'éducation dans les pays sahelo-soudaniens (Haute-Volta, Mali, Mauritanie, Niger, Sénégal, Tchad); Dakar; 1975
Tall, Moktar
Le Projet pilote de colonisation des terres neuves au Sénégal-oriental
Publ: 1975; 22 p.*; BREDA/PLAN/POP/08/75.More
No full text
Polestico, Rachel; Salvador, Dante; Stuart, Margaret
Community information services in the formal school system of the Philippines: a UNESCO-supported pilot project
Publ: 1993; 35 p.More
No full text
Gardner, Frank M.
The Delhi Public Library Project
La Bibliothèque publique de Delhi: une expérience pilote
La Biblioteca pública de Delhi: un proyecto piloto
Occasional papers in education; 16
Publ: 1952; 26 p.; UNESCO/ED/OCC/16.More
Katriana, Trita
Photo stories for visualising sustainability science application in pilot sites (for discussion only)
Publ: 2017; 33 p., illus.*; JAK/2017/PI/H/9.More
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