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Gaubiac, Yves
The Exhaustion of rights in the analogue and digital environment
L'Epuisement des droits dans l'environnement analogique et numérique
El Agotamiento de los derechos en el entorno analógico y digital
Copyright bulletin; XXXVI, 4
Publ: 2002; 15 p.*.More
No full text
Gardner, Frank M.
The Delhi Public Library Project
La Bibliothèque publique de Delhi: une expérience pilote
La Biblioteca pública de Delhi: un proyecto piloto
Occasional papers in education; 16
Publ: 1952; 26 p.; UNESCO/ED/OCC/16.More
Crawford, John C.; Irving, Christine
Information literacy and lifelong learning: policy issues, the workplace, health and public libraries
Publ: 2013; 292 p.More
Library Catalogue
Scott, Leodis
Learning cities for adult learners
Publ: 2015; 99 p.More
Library Catalogue
Laugesen, Amanda
UNESCO and the globalization of the public library idea, 1948 to 1965
Publ: 2014; p. 1-19.More
Library Catalogue
Das, Anup Kumar
Legacy of the Bengal renaissance in public library development in India
Publ: 2015; p. 370-380.More
Library Catalogue
Singh, Sandra; Whitney, Paul
La Ciudad del aprendizaje de Vancouver
Publ: 2014; p. 63-66.More
Library Catalogue
Biblioteca popular
Publ: 1984; 1 p.More
Library Catalogue
No full text
UNESCO work and methods illustrated by the library programs: an address by Luther H. Evans to the 18th Annual Conference of the Graduate Library School, University of Chicago, 17 August 1953
Publ: 1953; 16 p.More
No full text
Message from the Director-General of UNESCO, to the Conference of the Libraries Association in celebration of the first British Public Libraries Act; London, 18 September 1950
Publ: 1950; 3 p.; UNESCO/DG/91.More
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