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Bergmann, Herbert; Bude, Udo
A Survey of primary schools and their communities for general education policy-making: the case of two provinces in Cameroon
International review of education; XXIII, 1
Publ: 1977; p. 3-34, illus., map.More
Morales Zavala, Hector Luis
Rural development, science and political decision-making: diverging or converging tendencies?
Développement rural, science et pouvoir politique: divergences ou convergences?
Impact of science on society; XXX, 3
Publ: 1980; p. 167-177, illus.More
Adepoju, Aderanti
Migration and socio-economic change in Africa
Migration et changement socio-économique en Afrique
Las Migraciones y los cambios socioeconómicos en África
International social science journal; XXXI, 2
Publ: 1979; p. 207-225.More
Barberis, Corrado
A Bush-country notebook
Carnet de brousse
International social science journal; XXI, 2
Publ: 1969; p. 213-218.More
Colclough, Christopher; Hallak, Jacques
Some issues in rural education: equity, efficiency and employment
La Problématique de l'éducation rurale: équité, efficacité et emploi
La Problemática de la educación rural: equidad, eficacia y empleo
A Problemática da educação rural: equidade, eficácia e emprego
Prospects: quarterly review of education; VI(6), 4
Publ: 1976; p. 501-525.More
Brausch, Georges
Change and continuity in the Gezira region of the Sudan
Transformations et continuité dans la région de la Gezireh au Soudan
International social science journal; XVI, 3
Publ: 1964; p. 341-356, map.More
Catacora Garnica, Nancy; Pauccar Meza, Nelly
Sistematización: Programa Conjunto Inclusión Económica y Desarrollo Sostenible de Productores y Productoras de Quinua en Zonas Rurales de Extrema Pobreza de Ayacucho y Puno (PC-Granos Andinos)
Publ: 2017; 55 p., illus.*.More
Verdini, Giulio; Dauge, Yves; Wang Shu
Culture as a tool for harmonious territorial development
La Culture comme outil d'un développement territorial harmonieux
La Cultura como herramienta para un desarrollo territorial equilibrado
Culture: urban future, global report on culture for sustainable urban development;
Publ: 2016; p. 213-219, illus.More
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Chesswas, John; Hervé, M.; Ramos Saco, T.; Syrimis, S.
Education for rural development: Pakistan
Publ: 1974; 2 v.; EFM/69.More
Maphane, B.K.; Hermans, Janet
Farmers and farm workers in the Ghanzi District: a story of preseverance 1998-2003
Publ: 2003; 62 p., illus.More
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