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Moyn, Samuel
Not enough: human rights in an unequal world
Publ: 2018; 277 p.More
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Tunbridge, R.E.
Medical and social problems of aging
Problèmes médicaux et sociaux du vieillissement
Impact of science on society; VII, 2
Publ: 1956; p. 65-84*.More
Clarke, Charlotte L.
Risk and resilience: global learning across the age span
Publ: 2017; 136 p., illus.More
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Mai, Nicola
Marginalized young (male) migrants in the European Union: caught between the desire for autonomy and the priorities of social protection
Migrating alone: unaccompanied and separated children's migration to Europe;
Publ: 2010; p. 69-89*.More
ASH: actualités sociales hebdomadaires
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Fortalecendo pessoas, reescrevendo histórias: São Paulo
Publ: 2016; 139 p., illus.*.More
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Roelen, Keetie; Sabates-Wheeler, Rachel; Devereux, Stephen
Social protection, inequality and social justice
World social science report, 2016: challenging inequalities, pathways to a just world;
Publ: 2016; p. 231-236*.More
Cohen, Roberta; Deng, Francis M.
Masses in flight: the global crisis of internal displacement
Publ: 1998; 414 p.More
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Johnston, Anton
The Effects of some SIDA-supported education programmes in Botswana, Ethiopia, Mozambique and Tanzania on the status and welfare of women in society
Publ: 1984; 45 p.More
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Studies on population, health, nutrition, food and agriculture, education, social welfare and manpower and Report on planning for the needs of children and youth in national development
Publ: 1964; 387 p.More
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